Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy This Weekend...

The Phoenix Comicon started late yesterday afternoon!!  It's in the newer (fancier!!) and *much* bigger north building of the convention center.  I can't lie -- more space is always a good thing when dealing with crowds of potentially hygiene-challenged people, especially when the temperature is hitting above the 100 mark.  BUT... my first impression is that everything is so spread out it's lost some of its charm.  My opinion may change... last night was just a preview. :)

Not usually such a Star Trek affair, but Leonard Nimoy and George Takei are both guests this year.

More soon -- I'm sure you can't wait. ;)



Unknown said...

oh boy! fanboys in sweltering heat, cloistered in partitioned vacuums of pubescent hysteria surrounded by cos-play hunnies in scantily clad attire.
put a nail in that stick you'll have to carry Trix.

Trix said...

Make that a *rusty* nail... dipped in the secretions from an African poison dart frog.

Thanks, Greg... you're awesome! :)


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