Sunday, May 29, 2011

José Gonzalez's Vampirella

Sometimes I simply use this place as a scrapbook of sorts -- it was time to add a sampling of José "Pepe" Gonzalez's Vampirella.


Anonymous said...

Yea Gonzales was so great. All those Spanish artists working on the b/w mags of the 70's were outstanding.

Trixie, my old Uranium Cafe dies due to hackers. I sitting it all back up on Blogger. Hope you will follow me and add me to your blogroll. We are kindred spirits it seems.

Thanks Bill @ The UCafe

Colin Lorimer said...

Amazing artist!

M. D. Jackson said...

Outstanding stuff, Trix!

Trix said...

Bill! I'm so sorry to hear you've had such a terrible time with some hackers... but I *am* happy to see your Uranium Cafe has been reincarnated at blogger. Let's hope you're safe here... your posts are always amazingly cool! :)

Tamara LeBlanc said...

I'm in LOVE with your site!! I just spent three hours(yep, 3...I went a little nuts) scrolling through all of the back list artwork on Trixie's Treats. can't get enough!!
I Tweeted about you and your site the other day. Hope you don't mind, and hope it drives a little traffic your way.
Thanks so much for sharing the amazing images!!!
Tamara LeBlanc


Scrapbooks are good! :)
WOW at these :D


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