Friday, November 25, 2011

Artist Hsiao Ron Cheng



Unknown said...

number 1 freaks the shit out of me trix.
you sure so like creepy girl imagery.

keep up the good work. you'll kill off barbie in no tie.

Trix said...

It's only recently that I've actually come to realize how drawn I am to art that features girls. Can't decide if I want to analyze what it is I like about them.

Unknown said...

funny you should say that about yourself.
I noticed it right away.
You really really dig the female form.
So I think.
But what the hell do I know.
At least it's always good stuff.

Trix said...

In the beginning of "Trixie's Treats" I had no idea what it would end up being. When I find an image or artist I like I just post it without thinking about it. Even though I don't intend to add much personal information here, I imagine I'm broadcasting all kinds of things to those who are as observant and perceptive as you. Or maybe *you* just know a hell of a lot.

Unknown said...

that's a very nice compliment trix and I thank you.
doing and saying things consciously or subconsciously will say something about the person doing it.
you're interpretation of beauty with death probably means you have a healthy grasp of life.
so you're one hell of a smarty too.


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