Saturday, May 11, 2013

Favorite Things -- Together!!

When I stumbled across Daniel Danger's Psycho image this afternoon I couldn't help but post it here... I love Daniel Danger's work... mixing it with maybe my favorite movie in the universe was more than I could keep quiet about.  Although I've seen the piece before, for some reason it provided the needed inspiration for me to revisit my blog... I've missed posting here and I have such a backlog of  amazing work I'd like to add to my little collection, I'm truly hoping once I get started I won't stop again.  All of these, and *many* more of his works were found visiting his tumblr.   (posted here previously)

ps... It seemed fitting that the first artist I post in many long months reminds me of one of my favorite people in the universe -- who will *absolutely* know who I'm talking about. 

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