Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost 31 Days of Halloween: It's Party Time

Happy Halloween, Kids!!  
Not sure if I'll be back today but will definitely stop in for a quick Trick or Treater update's shaping up to be a beautiful day in the neighborhood. :)  
Have *lots* of fun on the best holiday ever, and don't forget to 



wiec? said...

good advice and awesome screen caps!! have a happy one trix!

Jackie said...

I saw Trick'r Treat the other night . I will definitely make sure I check my candy . You rock! Happy Halloween!

John Rozum said...

Happy Halloween, Trixie! Thanks for all the great eye candy this month.

Maison De Sante said...

Loved the countdown this year ... as always.

You have such an eye for dark beauty - thanks for sharing.

The Gill-Man said...

Man, I friggin' love that movie! Second only to Evil Dead II as the greatest horror comedy ever!

Trix said...

Wait. What? Comedy? I think you must have this dramatic masterpiece mixed up with another film. :D

I've always love it, too! The soundtrack isn't bad, either.


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