Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 17: Art I ♥: Jesse E. Larson

From the artist's site, Haunted Nonsense:
"Jesse E. Larson is host to numerous unrelated titles, some of which include barbering, burying and broomstick-watching – and on occasion, chimney-sweeping, crayoning, and hiding in bell towers – but most notably, illustrating. When not confined to the shadows of an ivy embraced abbey or the attic of a house that does not exist, he attempts to compose to paper visuals of a nonsensical nature with a disposition of mystery, monstrosity, and the macabre. Other times he pretends he is a pirate."

His writing is as entertaining as his artwork...some kids have *all* the luck (and talent!)...

Favorite new artist discovered via the delightfully spooky blog Through The Patch where credit is given to All Hallows Design for "revealing the path"... Isn't this just the most wonderful time of the year? ♥

1 comment:

Sam G said...

"...Isn't this just the most wonderful time of the year? ♥"

Yes it is!
Great artwork.


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