Friday, October 17, 2008

Vintage Morticians

More gifts from my friend The Sweetest Psychopath...(center, in above photograph)...thank you! :)


The Gill-Man said...

I love the way they casually pose next to the bodies! The middle one is just hilarious, in an incredibly dark way.

Anonymous said...

The top photo is of most interest to me. The brunette working on the cadaver really seems to be into her work. Notice the guy with the pipe, too. When you enlarge the photo you can see it's a strange little pipe that seems to have a cigarette stuck into it. Wild stuff. The center picture is rather gruesome, even for me. Strange to see the human body as such a carcass. I think I have decided to be cremated. ~M

The Sweetest Psychopath said... are MUCH TOO MUCH :)>
luvya bunches


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