Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Finally Here...The Big One

I truly feel I have joined the masses as one of the walking dead in search of a brain...MY brain! I don't remember an October I was as busy as I've been this year...

Thanks so much to John Rozum for organizing this amazing Halloween Countdown!

...AND I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween...have fun scaring all the darling little trick or treaters!

The following is a slideshow showcasing some of the fantastic images posted by my friends on myspace during this joyous holiday season...I am thankful every day for their generosity and ingenuity...

1 comment:

The Sweetest Psychopath said...

Once again, more amazingness
from an amazing woman ;}>
Thank you for all your generosity Trixie, your wonderful page here, and your friendship :)>
Happy Halloween
365 Days A Year


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